Goats R Us

Your support is greatly appreciated and especially thank-you to those who have come back or referred others! Many of the fainting does have been sold to my brother who has managed my flock for the past 4 or is it 5 years and is also handling the dispersal! You can check out his website at SRL Fainters! Kidding will begin the end of April. Check out his site!


Located in north central Alberta, our cow-calf operation is nestled along the Pembina River. However, our farm is also home to notoriously cute, colorful, and playfully entertaining Nigerian and Fainting goats!! Let me take you for a walk through my caprine families and introduce you to them all.


Family Ties

Our goats are similarily named so you know where they belong! 



  • "We purchased the doe Christina a while ago and I have to say we just love her. She is still a little shy, but I like a challenge! Will definitely be keeping an eye on this site..."
    Couldn't be happier!